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From our experienced Drone Operators and Pilots, Aerial Cinematographers, Photographers and Coordinators to our FAA Part 107 and Section 333 Approved Motion Picture and Television Operations Manual, waivers and authorizations, EMMU Aerial guarantees you can rest assured that our staff members are experienced, competent, safe and qualified.  Our extensive drone flight skills combined with smooth camera technique provides safe and professional operations as well as stunning aerial drone cinematography that will capture the true essence of your motion picture and television productions.  While we work locally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are available to travel anywhere for your production needs.


EMMU Aerial is a leading aerial drone cinematography and photography company. We provide the perfect combination of skills and film knowledge to all our flight operations.   It is this combination that allows a true artistry in producing stunning images that are exactly what film professionals are looking for.


EMMU Aerial is flying bold new lines in aerial drone cinematography.  In the United States we hold a FAA approved Motion Picture and Television Operations Manual (MPTOM) and FAA waivers for night operations and closed set filming operations over people as well as controlled airspace authorizations.   We also take care of all the paperwork, waivers and permits necessary working with FAA, and other agencies to ensure your aerial production is a possibility.


Our drones can bridge the gap and limitations of helicopters, jibs, booms, cranes, zip lines and dollies all at a reduced cost with fast and adaptive shot setup.

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When the script calls for aerial, aviation action, and safety support, but the Producer has a budget in mind; the Director wants realistic action; the crew and actors need special training; and everyone is concerned about safety. You need experienced Aerial Coordinators, SAG Stuntmen, Riggers and Safety on your set that can handle all of these tasks in an efficient, cost effective and most of all a safe manner. You need the professionals from EMMU Aerial.


Residential and commercial  aerial photography and video allow you to show off the natural beauty of your property in a manner that captivates viewers every time.

Will your boat, jet-ski or water-skier look its best when photographed at 50 mph from the air or water level on the open sea?  Or perhaps your snow machine skimming across 2 feet of fresh powder on a 60 inch base? 

Always get the best shot with EMMU Aerial.  We are second to none when it comes to capturing the quality of a product in high resolution digital format from our professional drones


After more than 20 years in business and a major reorganization in 2006, EMMU Aerial provides experienced Drone Pilots, Aerial Coordinators, Cinematographers and Photographers for Motion Picture and Television productions.


EMMU Aerial formerly EMMU LLC was originally established in 1998 by Dave Crago who had assembled a group of some of the most experienced in the business. True professionals with impressive real-world credentials and equally impressive film industry credits.


Our FAA Part 107 pilots developed their skills through extensive operational aerial photography and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) surveillance work with government agencies around the world. From these beginnings, EMMU Aerial now provides robust and advanced drone services for Motion Picture and Television productions.  You can rest assured that our staff members are experienced, competent, safe and more qualified.

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Dave Crago

Albuquerque, NM, USA

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